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Entry Level Printers

This category of barcode printers are for general purpose labeling application. These printers come in the plastic body and are useful for smaller retailers / libraries / exporters. Sometimes, even large organization install multiple of these printers, rather than going for limited nos. of expensive high end printers. These printers are for applications with moderate label volume.

Mid Range Printers

These categories of barcode printers are superior in looks, features & quality. These printers are much sturdier and can be used for longer period at a stretch. They come in either solid plastic or metal body, which makes them withstand heavy industrial uses. Suitable for small to medium chain of stores / manufacturers / exporters.

High End/ Industrial Printers

This category of barcode printers are sturdier in looks, features & quality. These are the most rugged barcode printer made with solid metal body. These can be used for many hours continuously and made to withstand harsh industrial environment. These are suitable for large manufacturing organization. Variety of models can be offered, depending upon uses, volumes & specific requirements.